Do you take insurance for eyeglasses?

Because we are a small, independent optical, we are not providers for any insurances or vision plans.  However, our prices are quite competitive as we don’t have to over-inflate our prices to compensate for the insurance write-offs.  Many insurance plans limit what you can choose for frame and lens options.  We have never thought that was a great way to select the best eyeglasses for you!  We encourage people to use their insurance benefit for sunglasses or a back-up pair and see us for their favorite pair! 

What is the proper way to clean my glasses?

Always use a good quality lens cleaner - one specifically designed for anti-reflective lenses. (Breathing on them doesn't count!)

Always get the lenses very wet before wiping them (at least 2 squirts on each side of each lens) - rinse with lukewarm water first if they are really dusty/linty/ dirty.

Do not use fingers to spread cleaner around, especially if hands are rough or callused - this can possibly cause scratches over the lifetime of the lenses.

If you don't have your cleaner handy, use lukewarm water (NEVER HOT) and a small amount of Dawn dish soap or a liquid soft hand soap without lanolin, lotion, or abrasives (no Lava!).

Dry with a soft, flat-weave towel such as a flour-sack dish towel, cotton handkerchief, bandanna, or an old T-shirt used just for your glasses. Cloth diapers (clean, of course) work great!  Any cloth treated with fabric softeners can leave a waxy, greasy film on lenses.

Do NOT use: Kleenex, paper towels, napkins, toilet paper, terry cloth towels, or the end of your shirt or tie. These CAN scratch lenses.

The micro-fiber touch-up cloths can and should be washed frequently. You can just wash them out in the sink and hang them up to dry. If you put them in a clothes washing machine, it's best to use a lingerie bag so the cloths cannot fly out of the tub and clog the drain line.  This did happen to a client of ours and involved a costly call to a plumber!  And again, avoid using fabric softeners - it causes streaking on the lenses.

Nose pads can be gently scrubbed with an old soft toothbrush and soap to help keep them clean. Wiping the pads with some rubbing alcohol on a cloth or cotton swab will clean and rejuvenate the silicone surface.

How should I handle my glasses?

Use both hands to put on and take off your eyewear.

Never set eyewear down on the lenses. Never set them on a bed, chair, or floor. Hindsight is not recommended!

When they're not on your face, keep them in the case. Remember, if someone steps or sits on your glasses, it is not their fault (unless they're on your face at the time.)

Frames are not meant to rest directly against your forehead or eyebrows - skin oils & acids can harm the frame and lens finishes.

Keep them away from small children, dogs, cats or any other animals - they love to chew on them.

Treat them like a pet: never leave them in a car on a very hot or a very cold day.

Avoid getting hair sprays, toothpaste, and other chemicals on them - if it happens, wash the lenses immediately!

Rubbing or wiping your eyes with your glasses on can scratch the lenses with your fingernails - even if they're short and well-groomed.

It is normal for the screws in your frame to work loose over time, especially in our MN weather. Like oil changes on a car, screw tightening is a necessary, routine maintenance item. Unlike oil changes, we do it for free!

Never use super glue or epoxies on glasses.- if you HAVE to, use hot glue only on the frame - at least it comes off more easily.

What are the warranties for my eyewear?

Anti-Reflective lenses have a two (2) year warranty: otherwise, your frame and lenses have a one (1) year warranty against NORMAL usage. This does not cover abuse, loss, theft, driving over them, or animals eating them.

After the warranty expires, there is generally a charge for parts. We suggest you have us check them over before your warranty expires. Warranty policies are subject to change due to lab or manufacturer policy changes.

Doctor's prescription changes and lens style or placement changes generally need to be made within ninety (90) days of your order date to avoid additional charges.

Adjustments are always free on eyewear purchased from The Optical.

What if I need help with how my eyewear fits, feels, or functions?

Remember... the little things in life do matter... sometimes minor adjustments can make all the difference between loving your new glasses or endlessly fighting with them, especially eyewear with progressive (no-line) lenses.

If you ever experience difficulties with your glasses, please let us know as soon as possible so we can find a solution.  We can't help if we don't know when something is wrong.  That's why we're here... don't be shy... don't wait... ASK!