About Us

Our history and mission

Since the 1940's, The Optical at 50th and France has been helping to protect, enhance, and preserve the precious gift of sight.  Our staff of certified opticians are dedicated to providing outstanding customer service and finding the lens and frame combination that works best for each individual.

  • Diana
    Optical Manager, ABO Certified Optician

    I truly love being an Optician, especially in our little slice of 50th & France! I am thrilled to have a team that puts as much emphasis on great customer service as I do. Our staff has over 80 years of combined experience in the optical field, so we are eager to put that to good use while helping you achieve optimal vision. One thing that really sets us apart is our amazing diversity of styles; the entire staff meets with our frame vendors to choose the eyewear we carry in the store rather than having one buyer like most opticals. When I’m not at The Optical I enjoy cooking, reading, doing kettlebells, and driving around topless—in my convertible of course!

  • Michelle
    ABO Certified Optician

    The optical industry found me right after college, and I'm still loving it today! I'm here to help you with all of your eyewear needs, and especially with your lens selection, as I was a manager for eight years at a premier lens manufacturer. The Optical at 50th and France is exactly the type of eyewear shop I'm proud to work for - high quality, unique eyewear at a fair price, with a staff that gives their all. I'm a parent of three great kids, and my husband and I spend many hours at their baseball games and gymnastic tournaments. Also, I'm a proud Wisconsinite who's made Minnesota my home.

  • Kitty
    ABO Certified Optician

    I’m quick to greet all of you with a meow to make sure your excellent customer service begins right away!  Whether you’re looking for an amazing frame that’s perfect for you, or you just need new lenses, it’s my pleasure to assist you.  I’m passionate about helping everyone find their best fit combined with great personal style – your “destiny eyewear!”  Away from The Optical you’ll find me cooking, and supporting local theater and live music.